Pet Care

Having a pet is a massive responsibility. Whether this is your first pet, or you’ve had pets in the past, one thing stays the same – you’ll want the best for your pet. That’s why we offer expert pet care advice. Perhaps you’re considering getting your first pet and want to make sure you know all you need to know first, or maybe your pet is due to have surgery and you want to be confident you’re prepared. Although most people won’t admit it, there has probably been a point when they have shrugged off a vet visit because their pet seems fine and perfectly healthy.

If you have a pet or are wanting a pet you must be willing to put in the money, time and effort to keep your furry friend content and healthy. The sad truth is that up to 10 million pets end up in shelters every year due to people not wanting to give them the right amount of care or don’t realise how much time they are going to have to invest in their new family addition. Pets are part of the family so it only makes sense that you would care for them in a similar way you would any other family members. Just like people, pets need regular check-ups or visits to doctors for veterinary care. By taking your pet to the vets lots of problems can be caught sooner and treated before they turn into bigger problems.


Family with the pet dog


What exactly is pet care?

A lot of people don’t understand what is meant by pet care. Pet care means everything from making sure your furry friend has the right diet, companionship, health, welfare and exercise. Pet care requires you to look after and care for them on a daily basis.

Things to consider before getting a pet 

Some of the greatest memories in life are with our pets, going to see them for the first time, the day you brought them home with you to be a companion for life.

Can you commit?

Do you have the time to walk a dog 3 or 2 times a day? Will you remember to let a cat in or out every morning? If your cat doesn’t come home in time before you leave for work are you okay with leaving food and water outside for them? These tasks all come under general pet care as well as vet visits. When you first get an animal some of the most important things are their jabs and injections.

Will your pet fit in with your lifestyle?

Choosing a pet because it’s popular or cute, is where most people often go wrong. Too often these animals are dropped at pet shelters due to the fact they look the part, but their personality doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle or the family home.

Whatever it may be, you can be sure you’re getting the advice you need. All of our vets treat every pet that walks through our doors as their own. So, if you’d like any advice or guidance on your pet, call us now on 01789 299 455 or alternatively fill in our online contact form.