Tips for Keeping Furry Friends Relaxed for Fireworks

Remember, remember the 5th of November

They’ll be no large Firework Displays for Bonfire Night November 2020 and we all know why!  However, there’s every chance that people are going to be having smaller, family gatherings in their gardens following the rule of 6.  This means that fireworks in 2020 might be even closer to your home than usual.  All this is unwelcome news for our pets, especially those that get distressed by them.  So it’s time to think ahead and plan for bonfire night season.

Dens are by far and away the best refuge for a frightened dog.  This may be a space under the stairs or behind a sofa with extra bedding or blankets to act as a muffle against the sudden, loud fireworks noise.  It’s natural for us as humans to try an comfort and reassure our pets.  Sadly, this only helps to reinforce their worries.  Being around them during this time is great, but as they look to us for reassurance then behaving normally (or as near as we can)  is by far and away the best policy.  If your dog seems a little distressed then try distracting them by playing with them indoors.  Increasing the TV volume to drown out external bangs may also help a little.   









For cats, ensure windows are closed to prevent them bolting if spooked by the noise on fireworks.    They too like to hideaway, often somewhere high and dark.  Wardrobes and airing cupboards are many cats favourite hiding places. 

Ensure your pet’s microchip registration details are up to date and current.  This way should your cat or dog take flight and be found by someone else, a veterinary team member will be able to scan their microchip and successfully reunite you with them.  Your neighbours may not be aware of your pet’s anxieties so it may be worth having a conversation with them in advance.