Why are Regular Visits to the Vets so Important for Your Pet?

Reasons Why Regular Visits are Important as Part of  Your Pet’s Healthcare

Cats and dogs have shorter life spans than us humans.  A single dog or cat year when mature is equivalent to 4 human years or more.  In that time quite a lot can happen.  As they get older their age means they are exposed to even more problems, which is why we invite you to bring your pet in for free of charge senior pet health checks part-way through each year.


The Overweight Pet 

So we are all aware of the obesity crisis facing us humans.  Sadly, our pets are not too far behind.  As with everything to do with weight gain it’s a slow, insidious, creep forward.  The vet’s annual health examination incorporates a weight check. If a trend becomes evident we can flag this up and hopefully implement changes with the aim of reversing this.  We’re not after having “size zero” cats and dogs, that’s not our aim.  But extra weight means extra load-bearing on joints which ultimately a higher risk of osteoarthritis is greater at a much younger age.  After a weight check with your vet, the nursing team are on hand to follow-up with free of charge weight checks and advice to support you both.


Hidden Illnesses 

Numerous health conditions that can affect pets but are not always apparent.  By virtue of them being hidden, it may only be the most subtle of signs that we see giving clues of an upcoming problem.  By having annual health checks this gives us the chance to ‘nip it in the bud’ rather than having to deal with much more complicated issues if things drift on.


As the Old Adage Goes ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’

Annual health checks usually coincide with your pet’s vaccination.  These are very important to protect against a variety of debilitating diseases, some of which are transmissible to us humans.  It also allows us to go through the types of parasite control that are appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle.


A cat having its monthly health checks


Dental Hygiene – Dogs Have 42 Teeth & Cats Have 30

That’s more teeth than us.  Pets don’t clean their teeth but that doesn’t mean dental hygiene can’t be addressed.  For those dogs that are amenable there is the opportunity to clean their teeth.  Periodontal disease is common amongst both cats and dogs.  Part of your pets’ annual health check will include an oral examination. Often, dental problems will be in the developmental stage rather than being obvious.  Just like us, pets can suffer from toothache as a result of infection.  If dental changes are at an early stage a dietary modification may address ongoing issues.  Your vet will advise you accordingly.


Make sure your pet has regular health checks.  Call us here at Riverside Veterinary Centre 01789299455 to schedule one.