Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!!!

Good news for rabbits and their owners.

In recent years there’s been a noted drop off in the number of rabbits suffering from myxomatosis.  This success is a reflection of widely used vaccination.  However, the disease itself is still prevalent in the rabbit population at large and only annual vaccination has any chance of keeping it away from domestic rabbits.  This horrible virus causes swelling of a rabbit’s eyelids, lips and genital areas. It effectively renders a rabbit unable to see and eat.  The virus is spread by biting insects e.g. mosquitoes or fleas and also by close contact with other rabbits.  This means that even house rabbits can be affected and certainly those in a well-fenced garden.

In the 1980’s another rabbit disease was recorded, VHD (Viral Haemorhagic Disease), also known as RHD.  There are two strains, RHD1, and more recently RHD2.  This too can be spread via insects, in the air or rabbit to rabbit contact.  Sadly this disease is also lethal for rabbits, with some becoming so overwhelmed that they are just found dead with no previous signs. 

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In the past we have had to give two separate vaccinations against these diseases at different intervals.  Now newly available vets have a new complete rabbit vaccine that protects against Myxomatosis and both strains of VHD. If your rabbit has had vaccination s previously, depending on when and which vaccination was given there may be a small variation in the type of vaccination this time.  Ongoing it means that your rabbit will only require one injection a year to cover all these infections.  

Your rabbit’s vaccination appointment will also include a health and weight check with your vet.  Call us if you want to discuss this further on 01789 299455 or to schedule an appointment