Putting Your Pet to Sleep

old dog with ownerHere at Riverside Veterinary Centre, we understand how difficult it can be to even start thinking about putting your pet to sleep, it can and will be a very emotional and difficult time. We understand this is often akin to losing a friend or family member. We hope that we can provide guidance for when euthanasia (putting a pet to sleep) is being considered.

In times you as the owner or your veterinarian may decide that your pet is unlikely to make a full recovery or is in too much pain, this is when you need to make that difficult decision. It is a tough thought for anyone who has ever owned a pet but sometimes it really is the kindest option to take to help your pet through this final stage of their life.


Pet Euthanasia Advice

Each situation is unique to the individual pet and each owner’s circumstances and feelings. We appreciate when you call us there have been many conversations at home already. Our hope is that, having known you and your pet for a long time, or sometimes only a short time, we can be a sympathetic ear that listens to your wishes and help make the end of life decision as comfortable as it can be.old dog

We understand the need for a quiet time and can arrange for this. Some owners wish to stay with their pet whilst put to sleep. Equally, others do not. This is entirely a personal choice. Please telephone or call in to discuss things through with us, we will make sure that you are fully informed about what will happen and ensure your pet is given the best possible care.


What Happens After Euthanasia?

You have options afterward including burying your pet at home or alternatively we can arrange the cremation. This can be individual if you wish and you may also choose to have your pet’s ashes returned. Options include a casket, urn or for scattering. We work closely with Pet Cremation Services and have done so for over 20 years. Please ask us for further information and we will supply you with their brochure. Please don’t feel in a rush to make a decision as we understand it can be an emotional time when losing your beloved pet.