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Urinary Stress for Cats – When They are Struggling to Pee!

As a veterinary team, it’s not unusual for us to receive calls from owners reporting that their cat is squatting in the litter tray more frequently than usual, or even constantly but not producing much pee.  Often clients say that their cat is a bit miserable, perhaps more vocal than normal and even sometimes quite […]

How to Become a Veterinary Nurse

To become a qualified veterinary nurse, you must first undergo training and gain the up to date veterinary nursing qualification. This qualification is called the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon’s (RCVS) and is available at many colleges or registered practices. This qualification can be done full time, or you can work to complete it whilst […]

Taking your cat to the vets can be a challenge!

We understand very well that by the time you’ve arrived at the vet’s with your cat it’s the end of a long journey, even if it’s only down the road!  Owners often report this is stressful for both their cat and them.  Here’s a few tips to try and make things a bit easier:

My Dog is Helping me Stay Alive!

All dog owners know that their canine companion is a big part of their life and routine.  A lot of the big part includes the need for walks on a daily basis which can be two to three times or even more every day.  So, our headline might not be quite so outlandish as it first appears.

Adopt A Dog – What You Should Know

If you are thinking of adding to your family by getting a new puppy then there are many ways which you can do this. The most obvious is to contact a dog breeder and purchasing your new puppy when they are ready to leave their mum. Another, less common way is to adopt a dog. […]

Why do Owners feel bonded with their dogs?

For those that haven’t owned a dog this may be a difficult one to grasp, but, the term “man’s best friend” really does have a biological reason behind it. So, for the ’sciency stuff, it all seems to come down to a couple of hormones swirling around in our brains, with the two main protagonists being oxytocin and […]

Grass seed season

Judging by this last week, the annual irritation of grass seeds is upon us once more.  This blight to the summer season for dogs (also cats and other species is to a lesser extent), is something that owners wrestle with, trying to figure how best approach to avoid them?  Vigilance is unquestionably the best advice, […]

Barney and his Operation

When Barney, a senior Labrador comes to us it’s normally a case of watch out here comes the whirlwind!  That may be the result of all the fuss and attention he gets from the nursing team at the front desk.  However, over the years Barney has learnt that more fuss usually equates to more treats […]

Keep your Pets Safe at the Stratford River Festival

The annual Stratford River Festival is only a few days away now and telling by the weather forecasts, it’s going to be a good weekend. The two-day free festival is set to take place on the 30th June and the 1st July 2018. Last years previous festival managed to break the record for the number […]

Why we rabbit on about your rabbit’s food!

Fibre is so important for your rabbit It’s probably fair to say that the majority of rabbits we see at Riverside Veterinary Centre with problems have a significant nutritional element to them.  The wrong diet is often associated with: – dental disease – obesity – reduced faecal output potentially leading to gut stasis – uneaten […]