Pet Insurance

All our vets and staff are trained in pet insurance to offer advice to our clients. Practice Manager Sally Harrison has made this her speciality – recognised in the 2007 UK Veterinary Awards by being made ‘Pet Insurance Advisor of the Year’. Many clients have benefited over the years from Sally’s dedication in efficiently processing insurance claims as part of our service.


What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps to spread the costs of pet veterinary treatments if your pet does become ill or gets injured in some way or another. Sometimes pet insurance providers also pay out if your pet sadly passes away, is lost or stolen or causes damages to a third party’s property. Pet insurance is to help protect you against unexpected costs related to your pet. The most obvious reason to have pet insurance is to cover veterinary bills. Depending on what type of cover you have, pet insurance can help with any of the following:

  • Dental care
  • Alternative treatments
  • Loss of your pet
  • Theft of your pet
  • Treatment for behaviour problems
  • Death by illness or injury

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What do I need to consider?

When choosing whether to insure your pet, there are a few other points to talk about:

  • Previous conditions – these are not actually covered by pet insurance
  • Long term conditions – conditions that are on-going may be covered if you have a pet insurance lifetime cover policy. Check carefully to see what is covered – especially if choosing an annual policy.
  • The age of your pet – this will change the costs of the insurance. Older animals cost more to insure and after a certain age, you might find that some insurance companies won’t be willing to cover your pet.
  • Type of breed – if your pet is a pedigree or rare breed it could cost more to insure.
  • Breeding – costs connected to pregnancy and breeding are not always included so if you are planning on breeding your pet make sure it’s covered.

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What types of pet insurance are there?

Your pet’s needs should be the main priority when looking for pet insurance. If your pet unexpectedly needs medical attention after an accident or illness, could you meet the costs of the treatment? You don’t want to be worrying about vet bills when your pet is poorly.

There are four main policy types:

  • Lifetime cover
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time-limited
  • Accident only


Why should I choose Riverside Veterinary?

Here at Riverside Veterinary Centre, we pride ourselves with doing the best for you and your pet. We believe that communication is important, therefore if there is a problem with your pet don’t hesitate in picking up the phone and giving us a call.

If you have your pet insured, we advise you to settle your account and we will then help you in your claim to the insurance company. For more information on the services we provide you can contact our Warwickshire veterinary practice here in Stratford-Upon- Avon either by calling us directly on 01789 299 455 or by sending your enquiry via our contact form.