Flea Treatment From Vets

Flea bites can be irritating and uncomfortable for both dogs and cats. In some cases, your pet may also develop an allergic reaction to a flea bite. Some of the signs of flea irritation are:

  •   Red swollen weal/marks on your pet’s skin.
  •   Infections, due to scratching at these sites.
  •   Tapeworm infections (one of the main reasons dogs and cats get tapeworms is via fleas that are contained within them).
  •   You or another family member may be hypersensitive to flea bites, causing itchy skin.

This is why it’s vital to protect your pet. One way to ensure your cat or dog is safe from flea bites is with an effective flea treatment. This will give you peace of mind that your pet is not only comfortable but safe as well.

What is an effective flea treatment and how to get rid of fleas?

At Riverside Veterinary Centre, our dedicated team can advise you on the right flea treatment for your pet. It’s not always a one size fits all situation. However, one size that does fit all is to use POM-V products. These are veterinary licensed de-flea treatments that are required to have a high level of efficacy before being licensed. Plus, importantly, they have to continue to prove this efficacy.

Hoover Carpets At Home

A step you probably already take is to hoover your carpets regularly. To decrease the risk of fleas this has to be a very thorough process. Also, hoover areas where your dog sits or lays a lot of the time. Be sure to dispose of all dust and waste from your hoover in an outside bin.

Clean Your Pet’s Bedding

If your pet has bedding, either dog or cat, wash this regularly. This is another step to protect both your pet and you from flea bites.

Maintain Regular Flea Treatments

Many of the modern spots on/tablet treatments against fleas are given at a very low frequency, often only 12 per-week. This makes undertaking the treatment pretty easy, and this is made even more so by our text reminders.

If you think your pet is suffering from fleas don’t hesitate, get in touch with our team at Riverside Vets today.

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