What To Do If Your Dog Pee’s Indoors

Urine leakage for dogs can be something owners put up with, often for months, before seeking veterinary advice. It’s a frustrating situation that can put a lot of strain on the relationship you have with your dog. Clearing up puddles and washing bedding on a daily basis is stressful, and our canine companions can often pick up on this.

Owners sometimes conclude it’s due to a behaviour issue; however, more often the cause can be due to the mechanisms of a dog’s bladder not working quite as normal, much like the situation for humans. That said, there’s a big difference in the outcome between people and dogs.

Incontinent Dog

So, the good news is there’s medication available to controls urinary incontinence for dogs. The medication works by stimulating the bladder sphincter to tighten up a little more than it would ordinarily. The veterinary consultation and examination of your dog will include a series of questions regarding the timing of the urine leakage as this can help ascertain the likely cause. Most commonly this arises when a dog is resting or asleep. On the other hand, should your dog be asking to go out more and urinating more frequently, this maybe due to another cause such as a bladder infection which can also be treated. Diagnostic tests are sometimes required, such as a urine test or bladder x-rays in order to establish the origin of your dog’s urination issue.

Puppies often wee, especially when excited. Thankfully the majority do grow out it. Usually, it’s older bitches that are affected but it can occur at any age and in male dogs too. Some breeds are more susceptible, and weight can be a contributory element too. It’s definitely worth talking with your vet about such problems. The medications available are usually lifelong, but they’re easy to administer and have a high success rate.


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