Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!!!

Good news for rabbits and their owners. In recent years there’s been a noted drop off in the number of rabbits suffering from myxomatosis.  This success is a reflection of widely used vaccination.  However, the disease itself is still prevalent in the rabbit population at large and only annual vaccination has any chance of keeping […]

Why we rabbit on about your rabbit’s food!

Fibre is so important for your rabbit It’s probably fair to say that the majority of rabbits we see at Riverside Veterinary Centre with problems have a significant nutritional element to them.  The wrong diet is often associated with: – dental disease – obesity – reduced faecal output potentially leading to gut stasis – uneaten […]

With expert skills & the best surgical facilities we were able to help Bailey!

Here at the Riverside Veterinary Centre, we know that rabbits are adept at hiding their problems from their owners and vets alike.  Quite often when presented with rabbit problems the words: “she’s just not right” are commonly heard.  If that doesn’t sound too helpful – it’s not!  But often it’s all we and an owner have to […]

FLYSTRIKE – May 1st to October 1st risk time for rabbits

From May 1st to October 1st is the period of greatest risk from flystrike in rabbits.  The term flystrike is used to describe the appalling damage inflicted on rabbits when certain types of flies lay eggs on their soiled fur due to them having “mucky bottoms”.  These eggs hatch in to maggots that subsequently feed […]