My Pet Has Diabetes | Advice

Yes, pets can have diabetes too! Both cats and dogs can develop diabetes.  One of the most common signs owners notice is an increase in drinking, which will lead to a need to urinate much more. Other indications can include appetite changes, weight changes, reduced activity, increased sleep, no longer grooming themselves and a dull […]

Tips for Keeping Furry Friends Relaxed for Fireworks

Remember, remember the 5th of November They’ll be no large Firework Displays for Bonfire Night November 2020 and we all know why!  However, there’s every chance that people are going to be having smaller, family gatherings in their gardens following the rule of 6.  This means that fireworks in 2020 might be even closer to your […]

Long-standing sloppy poo in dogs

One of the major challenges we face in our work is to identify these type of situations with clients.  The annual health check and vaccination or 6 monthly check for seniors is often a time when problems of this (sometimes delicate) nature get mentioned.  The classic conversation goes a little like this: “So how are […]

Diarrhoea in Dogs

Never a pleasant subject, but one that all dog owners have to address from time to time, and in some cases, a lot of the time!

What To Do If Your Dog Pee’s Indoors

Urine leakage for dogs can be something owners put up with, often for months, before seeking veterinary advice. It’s a frustrating situation that can put a lot of strain on the relationship you have with your dog. Clearing up puddles and washing bedding on a daily basis is stressful, and our canine companions can often […]

My Dog is Helping me Stay Alive!

All dog owners know that their canine companion is a big part of their life and routine.  A lot of the big part includes the need for walks on a daily basis which can be two to three times or even more every day.  So, our headline might not be quite so outlandish as it first appears.

Adopt A Dog – What You Should Know

If you are thinking of adding to your family by getting a new puppy then there are many ways which you can do this. The most obvious is to contact a dog breeder and purchasing your new puppy when they are ready to leave their mum. Another, less common way is to adopt a dog. […]

Why do Owners feel bonded with their dogs?

For those that haven’t owned a dog this may be a difficult one to grasp, but, the term “man’s best friend” really does have a biological reason behind it. So, for the ’sciency stuff, it all seems to come down to a couple of hormones swirling around in our brains, with the two main protagonists being oxytocin and […]