So, are all “chips” the same ?

It might seem an odd question. Of course all microchips are the same, aren’t they ?  Once a pet has had the microchip implanted, it’s checked to make sure it can be read by a scanner, and that’s it, isn’t it ?  Well, you’d hope so.  But there are a couple of questions that it […]

Why cats go bald in places! OCD

Cats, as all owners know, are the rulers of the world!  They have a habit of implanting their wishes in to the minds of us owners, getting them to rearrange an entire house just for their personal convenience.  And don’t think that Veterinary Centre’s are immune to their charms.  Clients at Riverside will be well […]

Cats and fur balls

It’s a bit of an ‘old wives tale’ that fur balls are the reason why cats are sick alot.  Just thinking about that statement for a few moments presents a bit of a problem to explain.  Why on earth would cats have a thing on the outside of their bodies (namely fur), that whenever they […]

Cats’ kidney problems

Kidney disease, or chronic renal failure, is one of the most common illnesses in older cats, with up to a third of all cats over the age of 15 being affected. That’s why it’s something that all Vets are on the look out for at annual health checks. For those cats crossing in to their […]

Caring for a blind cat

Of course cats have very good eyesight don’t they? When they are hunting they can spend hours watching for the slightest movement in the undergrowth and then pounce on an unsuspecting mouse. Equally they can while away an afternoon watching the world go by looking out of a window. But just how much detail do […]