Why are Regular Visits to the Vets so Important for Your Pet?

Reasons Why Regular Visits are Important as Part of  Your Pet’s Healthcare Cats and dogs have shorter life spans than us humans.  A single dog or cat year when mature is equivalent to 4 human years or more.  In that time quite a lot can happen.  As they get older their age means they are […]

Taking your cat to the vets can be a challenge!

We understand very well that by the time you’ve arrived at the vet’s with your cat it’s the end of a long journey, even if it’s only down the road!  Owners often report this is stressful for both their cat and them.  Here’s a few tips to try and make things a bit easier:

Worms, Ticks and Fleas – how to get rid of them!

It’s one of the less palatable aspects of owning a cat or a dog, they pick up “guests” in the form of fleas, ticks and worms.  In the UK we live in a fairly benign environment where for the most part, parasites are mainly unwelcome pests that sometimes do harm.  However on mainland Europe parasites […]

Another flea onslaught is due about now

We would have expected to have seen the last of fleas by now in a normal year.  But with the weather patterns appearing to be upside down this is no ordinary year.  So the nuisance of fleas will be with us for a little while yet.  The warmer weather is promised for the remainder of […]

Teeth care in cats and dogs

As pet owners we’re rightly pleased that our pets are able to live a long life.  But we’d hope that it’s one free of discomfort and pain.  Dental disease is a condition that causes just such problems for our pets in a slow and insidious manner.  We appreciated the importance of looking after our own […]

An older, thinner cat despite a good appetite? – there may be a thyroid problem!

As part of the six monthly senior checks for cats, probably the most important monitoring is to do with a cat’s weight.  Subtle (and not so subtle) weight loss is often an early indicator of an overactive thyroid gland, especially where the appetite is good, or even increased. For us humans it’s the opposite problem […]

Stressed cats and cystitis

Judging by the average cat’s lifestyle it would seem difficult to believe that they could get stressed.  With a butler and a cook on hand (their owners) it’s difficult to see how they could ever get upset about anything.  But that, of course, is looking at the world through human eyes, and not those of […]

So, are all “chips” the same ?

It might seem an odd question. Of course all microchips are the same, aren’t they ?  Once a pet has had the microchip implanted, it’s checked to make sure it can be read by a scanner, and that’s it, isn’t it ?  Well, you’d hope so.  But there are a couple of questions that it […]

Why cats go bald in places! OCD

Cats, as all owners know, are the rulers of the world!  They have a habit of implanting their wishes in to the minds of us owners, getting them to rearrange an entire house just for their personal convenience.  And don’t think that Veterinary Centre’s are immune to their charms.  Clients at Riverside will be well […]