Birthday Surprises!

We have a surprising and rather interesting story to share with everyone today, it starts out as an ordinary day but quickly becomes something that none of us was ever expecting!


So the day started off as any other day, we had a lovely couple bring in Isla, their beautiful Golden Retriever. She was feeling under the weather and was vomiting. Initially, there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary but after 24 hours with no signs of response, we decided to take the next step.


We thought it would be best to get some x-rays done to rule out all possibilities, these x-rays showed up some stones, the next step was, of course, to operate to remove these stones to relieve Isla of her discomfort & to take the first steps onto recovery.


X-ray showing stones


Now, this is where it gets even more interesting, while Isla was in surgery we found something totally unexpected as well as the stones. Somehow whilst out playing Isla got a bit too carried away and managed to eat a rather large ragger toy!


toy removed after surgery


To end this story we would like to say that we were able to remove this toy form Isla successfully and now she is out playing with her friends (and toys!) again.


So from a few weeks ago when Isla gave her owners a scare from seemingly being a bit unwell, we managed to find some stones & a whole toy that both needed to be removed. We are highlighting this story to emphasise the importance of looking after your pets & the hazards of certain toys.


The good news is that today is Isla’s 12th birthday and she is out and about playing and enjoying life again, that’s not too bad for a senior Golden Retriever!