Annual Pet Health Check

Unfortunately our pets are not able to let us know when they are feeling poorly or have aches & pains. Due to this fact we, as owners have to ensure we take fantastic care of our pets. This should include regular health checks.annual health check

As part of our pet health care we advise annual health reviews. This allows us to best advise you of any potential problems upcoming for your pet’s health. This is especially important as an animal moves from one age group to the next.

For owners this service is of enormous value as it allows planning for a pet’s health needs. We will always make sure that reminders are sent when a check-up is due. Whenever your pet is brought in for a vaccination to us at Riverside Veterinary Centre we will perform a routine health check.


Free Elderly Pet Health Check

Changes in a pet’s health can happen quite quickly as they get older, so it is extremely important to keep on top of their changing health status. Our free of charge senior health checks is a great comfort for clients as it allows us to best advise during these senior years when health can alter quickly.

If you want to book your pet in for a health check make sure that you contact us with a call today.