With expert skills & the best surgical facilities we were able to help Bailey!

Here at the Riverside Veterinary Centre, we know that rabbits are adept at hiding their problems from their owners and vets alike.  Quite often when presented with rabbit problems the words: “she’s just not right” are commonly heard.  If that doesn’t sound too helpful – it’s not!  But often it’s all we and an owner have to go on. 


Recently we had a lovely rabbit brought into us, unfortunately, this was exactly what happened. Her name was Bailey and her owner was just not sure what was wrong. In Bailey’s case, this led to a period of on-off low-level discomfort that finally came to a head just before Christmas when she was in clear distress passing small amounts of bloody urine.


Bailey’s owners wanted to do all they could for her, so she was admitted to us here at Riverside Veterinary Centre for a full investigation for which she was anaesthetised. Here we have the highest quality surgical equipment and some of the most qualified surgeons to ensure that we give all of the animals we treat the best fighting chance.


During the anaesthetic, her blood pressure was monitored plus blood oxygen levels and heart & respiratory rates were checked at frequent intervals.  Once settled, investigations began.  Initially, digital x-rays were taken and the problem became apparent – a sizeable bladder stone that had been moving backwards and forwards into the neck of the bladder causing her discomfort.  Sadly it was too big for her to pass.  The next stage was to remove the bladder stone! The bladder is a delicate organ well protected within the body, which makes it not so easy to access for surgery!


Nevertheless, Bailey’s offending bladder stone was swiftly removed and she was transferred to our ward for recovery, being carefully monitored by the nursing team whilst she woke up.  She recovered well from surgery, in fact going home the same day.  Well done Bailey.   However, this is only part of her story, as recuperation at home is equally as important.


Due to her very dedicated owners, Bailey healed quickly.  We saw her for post-operative checks ups and suture removal and within a couple of weeks, Bailey was well on the road to recovery.  Ongoing monitoring will be needed to ensure that Bailey has no relapses but, so far so good.  Bailey’s owner completed a pet insurance claim form on the day of her surgery.  This was completed and submitted by ourselves and her owner’s received the insurance settlement minus the policy excess within days.

bladder stone

This is just another happy ending for a family and their pet after visiting Riverside Veterinary Centre. If you think one of your pets may not quite be at their best then give us a call and one of our highly trained staff will be happy to help.