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Fireworks – Fizz, bang, flight, fright!

Gone are the days when Bonfire Night was just November 5th.  It’s pretty much Bonfire Season now, stretching from Halloween straight through and beyond Bonfire Night.  With this season comes the loud firework bangs – making a lot of pets upset and nervous.  For dogs, the signs are pretty obvious with trembling, shaking and hiding […]

Itchy dogs

This article could also be entitled the curse of summer pollen. For us humans that often translates as itchy and sore eyes, sniffles and sometimes more serious breathing problems. For our canine companions it’s all about the skin. So regarding it as hay fever on the skin in dogs is not far off the mark. […]

Another flea onslaught is due about now

We would have expected to have seen the last of fleas by now in a normal year.  But with the weather patterns appearing to be upside down this is no ordinary year.  So the nuisance of fleas will be with us for a little while yet.  The warmer weather is promised for the remainder of […]

Ticks and fleas on dogs – more than just a nuisance!

With the clocks going forward at the end of March there will be every incentive for longer dog walks after work as the evenings become lighter.  And with dormant wildlife getting more active as spring emerges then it’s perfect conditions for fleas to thrive as well!  So it’s time to pitch our wits against these […]

Get in early to help with the pain of arthritis in dogs

So when does a little ache and pain become an arthritic problem in an older dog?  Probably when it gets ignored, or rather excused, for too long.  Seeing a dog charge around on walks is one of the great joys of being a dog owner.  Seeing that same faithful friend struggling to manage what they […]

Bonfire night frights and your dog

… or perhaps we should call it firework season.  It does seem to go on for a lot longer than just November 5th.  Loud bangs, that are hallmark of most fireworks, are dreaded by many dog and they can become quite destructive in their panic. Trying to prepare a home to be ready for the […]

Teeth care in cats and dogs

As pet owners we’re rightly pleased that our pets are able to live a long life.  But we’d hope that it’s one free of discomfort and pain.  Dental disease is a condition that causes just such problems for our pets in a slow and insidious manner.  We appreciated the importance of looking after our own […]

Summer walks and the problems of kennel cough

As we’re now well in to what passes for a British summer it’s a good time to remember that kennel cough is one of the most preventable infectious diseases in dogs.  Annoyingly, it doesn’t have to be dog to dog contact before an infection is picked up, just passing where a dog has recently walked […]

FLYSTRIKE – May 1st to October 1st risk time for rabbits

From May 1st to October 1st is the period of greatest risk from flystrike in rabbits.  The term flystrike is used to describe the appalling damage inflicted on rabbits when certain types of flies lay eggs on their soiled fur due to them having “mucky bottoms”.  These eggs hatch in to maggots that subsequently feed […]

Summer itch for dogs…this early!

For some owners the problem of last summer’s skin irritation has been a lingering issue in their dogs all the way through the winter.  In all honesty there hasn’t really been a winter to speak of.  The normal expectation (if the seasons behaved like they ought to) is that there is a peak in pollens […]